Geometry is metaphysical. There are no straight lines, no smooth surfaces, no solid cubes or spheres in this world. They are just in your brain.
Even if you look something has a smooth surface, you will find lumpy points if you look them with high-spec microscope.

What reminded us that there are no smooth surfaces was the idea of Fractal.
You can easily find lumpy points when you zoom Mandelbrot set.
Rather, you will be feeling that everything in this world consists of granular substance. And that recurses in details; – Those ones that you felt “granular substance” also consists of another lumpy points.

On the other hand, as for computer graphics, the minimum unit is defined as a pixcel (or a dot).
You will find those “minimum unit” when you zoom any digital images. There will be flat, smooth and uni-color “face” if you zoom those dots.
Now you may notice that that minimum unit is also metaphysical. There are no such points in the real world.

My artwork “DigitalMicroscope – Mao” (2018) shows that computer graphics consist of metaphysical minimum units. Those “DigitalMicroscope” may make you feel irony because I chose communism icons for the source photos of those works. – Could communism also be methaphysical?

“DigitalMicroscope – Mao” 2018 teshnakamura

I also created DigitalMicroscope versions of Asias. As I described before, Asia is something organic to me. Although they are generated by mathematical process, they still look like life-form, city, or something you can see in the real life.
But if you see it with microscope, there you’ll find a pixcel, which is minimum unit for the computer graphics, and you may be confused – what’s real?

Now, recognition of those concepts; reality, existence and physical forms have been getting vague.

A Day in Asia DigitalMicroscope / CompoundDigitalMicroscope / RecursiveCompoundDigitalMicroscope


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