Generative Artist / Code Artist
Never Painting Painter
Drawing only by programming without drawing softwares nor photo retouching softwares.

Just Alive (with no particular aim)
at Yebisu Garden Place, Tokyo

Photo: Ryuichi Maruo
Photo courtesy Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT]


teshnakamura won the LiveArt Chanpionship!

One of teshnakamura’s work “Just alive (with no particular aim) 20221003” has been selected as “Top 20 Artists”.
You can see NFT of that work here.

Just alive (with no particular aim) 20221003

The purpose of AI(Artificial Intelligence) is to be used in a way that is useful to people, and AI that does not serve any purpose has no reason to exist. On the other hand, all life, including human beings, is not originally intended to be useful to anyone, but “just alive with no purpose”. AL (Artificial Life) living in computers is not useful to humans in any way, but its only reason for existence is to be alive. This work expresses the essence of life, “just alive with no particular aim”

Shell + teshnakamura

Collaboration with KEEVIR
The project “Shell” by KEEVIR met teshnakamura. KEEVIR is a brand which have been challenging the convenience and practicality of modern-day design through the use of embroidery.
The project “Shell” presents us with new embroidery possiblilities, not only for aesthetic purposes but to change the silhouettes of the garments themselves.

In this collaboration with KEEVIR, teshnakamura created symmetric Asia to be printed on the shell made of cloth.

You can find it at; https://keevir.com/products/long-sleeve-t-shirt-black-teshnakamura
KEEVIR; https://keevir.com/

free programming course

teshnakamura has started a new free programming course.
The goal is to enable even inexperienced or novice programmers to create works of art with programming.
The course uses a specialized language for creative coding called Processing.
However, it’s not just for artists who wants to learn programming for their works, but it’s also for those who just want to learn programming for fun.


coding4.art logo

A Day In Asia

A Java program, which I coded, draws Asias (somethings self-organizing) all day automatically with random parameters, it takes around 10 mins for an Asia; about 140 Asias a day.
Some look pretty cool while others are boring. I choose “Asia of the day” in those 140 and post it on Instagram every day.

  • NFTs at OpenSea (Mainly new released)
  • NFTs at objkt.com (Mainly historical works)


Cutting out one of my work into very small pieces and selling loose them as NFTs.

Mushi Collection

Collection of beasties generated by a computer program with random parameters.

Follow @teshnakamura on Instagram for daily uploaded works.