Generative Artist / Code Artist
Never Painting Painter
Drawing only by programming without drawing softwares nor photo retouching softwares.

A Day In Asia

A Java program, which I coded, draws Asias (somethings self-organizing) all day automatically with random parameters, it takes around 10 mins for an Asia; about 140 Asias a day.
Some look pretty cool while others are boring. I choose “Asia of the day” in those 140 and post it on Instagram every day.

  • NFTs at OpenSea (Mainly new released)
  • NFTs at objkt.com (Mainly historical works)


Cutting out one of my work into very small pieces and selling loose them as NFTs.

Mushi Collection

Collection of beasties generated by a computer program with random parameters.

Follow @teshnakamura on Instagram for daily uploaded works.